Bohrisch Counselling

With counselling you can,

      • grow self-esteem and self-confidence
      • reduce anxiety, depression and stress
      • connect with yourself and others, feeling less isolated and alone in the world
      • explore suicidal thoughts and finding options for change
      • explore self-harm and finding survival strategies
      • find acceptance and inner strength

Telling me what has happened to you and how your experiences are impacting your life, supports you to take back control, feel empowered and regain your ability to make confident decisions and changes in your life.

I am Hanna. I can see you in person in W4 Chiswick. I also offer some slots of online and telephone counselling as well as walk and talk therapy in one of the many parks in Ealing.


07597 926551

If you would like to know more about how therapy can help, feel free to text or call me now on 07783532842. Or email me at


by Internet or Telefone

Walk and Talk Counselling

Therapy Outdoors

About Me

Counselling Is My Passion

My name is Hanna.

I am an experienced counsellor and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

My journey as a counsellor started when I volunteered for the Samaritans. I realised that I wanted to support people on a deeper level and trained as a Person-Centred Counsellor at the Metanoia Institute in London. Person-Centered-Counselling is a therapeutic approach that agrees with my personal belief that everybody has the potential to grow and to have a fulfilling life if the right conditions are provided. It is a hopeful way of being.

My main experience is working with women who have survived abuse. My job as a counsellor is the privilege to accompany you on your journey of exploration, movement and growth. I am committed to providing a safe, warm, accepting and professional relationship that is based on the ethical values and principles of BACP of which I am a member.

How I Can Help You

The essence of my work is to support you in developing your hidden strength. I work with individual adults, many of whom have experienced abuse and domestic violence.
My job is to create with you an environment in which you feel safe and acknowledged. It is a safe space in which you can bring anything that is on your mind. You are leading the way.
I believe that with me accepting you, having empathy for you, being open and real, we will build trust. This will help you to address your issues and discover your own abilities and control.
Therapy is a relationship that supports your personal development, finding options and self-acceptance. It can be very empowering.

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