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I am Hanna Bohrisch, a person-centred counsellor, which in my believe is a very hopeful way of being. Before I decided to become a therapist, I was a volunteer with the Samaritans. I studied at the Metanoia Institute London. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). My experience is with people who are abuse and domestic violence survivors. You have the potential for self-development, acceptance and self-confidence. Counselling provides a safe, warm, understanding and genuine space for you. Therapy is a relationship and a privilege. We collaborate in creating a counselling relationship that is built on trust, integrity and honesty. I want to share something about me, so that you can get an image of who I am. That facilitates your decision if you would like me to be your counsellor, if you believe that I am trustworthy and genuine.


Meet an open ear! Restore your mood
with personal counselling in a video conversation?
Online counselling is your chance to take a turn for the better.

  • You will get the same high-quality counselling as face to face. In addition, recent research has shown that online counselling and online therapy is as effective as face to face counselling.
  • You avoid the hustle and bustle in the tube.
  • You stay comfortably in your own four walls.

I am Hanna. As a skilled listener, I’m looking forward to whatever the issue is you want to speak with me about. Also, I believe in the ability of everybody to find the way to a good and fulfilling life. I am a registered member of the BACP.

I’m looking forward to talking to you.

If you have a question, call or text me on 07783532842.

I will get back to you asap.

Pros and cons of online counselling and online-therapy


An obvious advantage is that you save the time to get there and back.
However, this has the disadvantage of not providing a time buffer between everyday routine and counselling work to prepare and rework the counselling session.

Cost saving

The total costs are lower because online counselling eliminates the costs associated with travel time and gasoline. The counselling prices could also be lower since the expenditure for the practice infrastructure is more downward.
Here I cannot see any possible disadvantage with online counselling.

Easy access

Clients who are restricted in their mobility, live in remote areas or have limited access to transport have easier access to online counselling.
On the other hand, the compulsion to visit a practice could turn out to be motivating.

Independence from time and place

Many people today work in jobs that require frequent travel. Online counselling, however, helps you to make a continuous, sustainable series of counselling sessions possible. Counselling contacts can also take place in the usual rhythm during a vacation trip. Sudden obstacles, such as a bus driver’s strike or a child’s cold, do not prevent a consultation appointment. Online counselling often offers the only possibility for a practicable series of counselling for couples who regularly live in different places, in a weekend relationship or for two-household couples.
This “barrier-free” access to “my” advisor could hinder developing my responsibility for my well-being.

Large provider pool

As clients are not bound to place and time, those seeking advice have a much larger pool of providers from which to choose. As a result, the possibility of finding a “specialist” is greater. When selecting a consultant, the criteria of cultural and linguistic experience and competence can also be considered what is particularly advantageous for relationships with different cultures.
However, the sheer number of choices could also be confusing and intimidating.

Low inhibition threshold

I don’t have to leave my familiar surroundings for online advice. In addition, I don’t have to go to a place in a public space that I assume is associated with the “flaw” of psychological abnormalities. That could make the decision to seek help easier.

On the other hand, changes are more manageable when I leave my familiar surroundings and go to counselling. If stimuli from my everyday environment can no longer influence me because I’m unfamiliar with the territory, it is easier to accept and try new things.

Easy organization of consultation appointments

The organizational effort for online consultations is shallow. The time spectrum offered for appointments is significantly greater than for “on-site consultations”. If necessary, I also offer appointments on weekends. There is no organizational effort for arrival and departure.
To treat a suddenly appearing need for advice, the easy accessibility of experts in online advice is unbeatably cheap.
On the other hand, the easy accessibility of counsellors prevents the development of self-efficacy and personal responsibility.

Online counselling is unsuitable in the following cases:

  • Acute mental crises and mental disorders.
  • They require treatment by a psychotherapist in a practice or clinic. Online counselling is not psychotherapy!
  • Online counselling is also unsuitable for people inexperienced in using electronic media or even rejecting them..

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