Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), this Privacy Policy explains what personal data I collect from you and how I collect, store and use it. 


I will ask you to share with me some personal information (Name, address, email address, telephone number, GP details and emergency contact) in writing at the beginning of your counselling process. I will keep your information safe in a locked filing cabinet or electronically protected with a password. Your data will only be used for administrative purposes, such as arranging appointments or cancellations. 


Everything we explore in our sessions will be treated by me confidentially. However, if I believe that you intend serious and imminent harm to yourself or others, I might break confidentiality. I will discuss this with you first.

I have the legal obligation to break confidentiality if you disclose drug-trafficking, money-laundering or terrorism.



As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I meet regularly with a supervisor and a peer group for ongoing professional development. This is an ethical requirement. I will keep your identity anonymous in these meetings. My supervisor as well as my peer group members are also bound to uphold confidentiality by the BACP Ethical Framework.



I will make brief notes about our counselling sessions, which are kept secure in a locked filing cabinet. They are stored separately from your personal information under a code, not your name. You are welcome to view these notes. You have the right to ask in writing for a copy and/or request that your data is deleted/destroyed.


Disposal of Records

Contact form messages, text messages and emails will be deleted after 2 weeks. If they contain important information, I will print them and add them to my notes. Your personal information and my notes will be destroyed when you have ended your counselling process.

If you have any questions about my Privacy Policy, the information I hold on you or would like to have access to your session notes, please do not hesitate to contact me or discuss it in a counselling session.

How to contact the Information Commissioners Office

If you wish to raise a complaint about how your data has been handled or are unhappy about how I addressed your concern regarding the use of your personal data, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

You can contact them by calling 0303 123 1113 or visit their website at