Walk and Talk Therapy

Therapy Outdoors

Nature is open-minded and helps you to connect to your emotions and experiences. Walk and talk therapy combines therapy and exercise with the benefit of being in nature. The NHS recommends walking for your physical health. In addition, scientific research has shown that walking is beneficial for your mental health. Having therapy in a green space and walking can:

      • improve your self-esteem and confidence
      • reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, improving your mood
      • reduce stress, help you to relax and feel good about yourself
      • support you in feeling connected and reduce loneliness
      • improve your physical health

Walk and Talk Therapy is supporting you in finding your sense of control and purpose. Instead of sitting in a room, we will be walking alongside. You will determine the pace, decide if you would like to sit down for a while or engage with your surroundings. Being outdoors can therefore feel liberating as you might experience it as less restraining than counselling indoors. Getting outside is good for us human beings.

If you are looking for therapy and like to walk

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Ealing parks

I offer Walk and Talk therapy in Ealing. London has over 3000 parks that can support you to boost your mental health.

In an initial telephone conversation we will discuss confidentiality, what happens if we see people we know, dogs and any health considerations. You need to prepare for the weather, wearing suitable clothing and shoes, maybe bring a hat and an umbrella.

I am available to be outdoors in any weather. If you prefer to have a session indoors, we can move to online.

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